Review: Hippie by Paulo Coelho

Hippie by Paulo Coelho

In Coelho’s new book, he returns to the era of “peace, not war”. Every year, when Coelho publishes a new book, readers will embark on a special journey. Coelho has a rare talent for telling these incredible stories, but he is also a writer who doesn’t just focus on writing novels. In his novels, he shares with readers the knowledge he has gained during many years of traveling the world and learning different types of religions and cultures. His new book “Hippie” is one of them.

Have you ever experienced a life-changing love story through your
journey? The hippie rewinds time, redefines the future. The book begins with Paolo and Carla, who embark on a journey of self-realization through the median of spirituality, love, travel, companionship and more.
This book takes you on the journey of a lifetime through the eyes of the protagonists, Paolo and Carla. Coelho is writing philosophical works such as “The Alchemist”. Hippies also provide philosophical insights written in the form of stories.
Coelho takes hints from his own experience and helps understand a generation that has tried to break stereotypes by challenging society’s norms and challenges. This is about a protagonist who dreams of becoming an established writer, understands the meaning of life more deeply and expresses his desire to become a better writer. The
book is a compilation of the plays in the play. The protagonist, Paolo, is encouraged to meet Kala on the way and go along with other hippie trails in Nepal. The protagonist thoroughly believes that this journey will not only help him understand himself in a better way, but will also help him find a vision of his life.
During this journey Paolo and Collar meet their lives and fellow travelers who talk about the enlightening journeys they had. This book differs from other Koerjo books in narration and story flow. Some parts of episode
were explained in too much detail and bottomed out in a particular chapter. Separating the concept of fixed genre Hanben is for all enthusiastic readers. As readers, we can relate to the author in one story.
For those who thoroughly believe in self-realization by means of travel, this book is a treasure in disguise for you. But if you’re expecting a structured storyline, chances are you’ll be disappointed as this book leans heavily on philosophical writing.
This book also refers to a concept that can be seen remarkably in relation to sexual emancipation, considered taboo by society. The hippie takes us back to the past, draws on the ideas, ethics and mentality of those who embrace change, and gives us a glimpse into the future.
It also represents the complexity of the human mind and how human circumstances are intertwined, and how they ultimately influence our decisions. We are responsible for the life we ​​live, just as we are the artists of our own lives. This book ignites our ability to process thoughts that question not only the ethics we must follow, but also the purpose of our existence.
The topics covered in this book are examples of everyday life and how they influence your next behavior. Readers can relate instantly to Paolo and Carla about understanding love and companionship and finding content in life through travel. From first meeting ups and downs to sailing through the gaps of time, this book has to offer readers.
This book is guaranteed to be interesting to the end, but it may not hit ten thousand. The message at the bottom of this book is that society is changing by striving for self-improvement.

Book: Hippie
Author: Paulo Coelho
Publisher: Penguin Viking
Pages: 272

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