Book Review: ‘Black Suits You’ by Novoneel Chakraborty

Black Suits You by Novoneel Chakraborty

With new realisations, the old promises fade.
With new desires, the old self transforms.
With new emotional pursuits, the old miles lose significance.

― NoVONEEL CHAKRABORTY, black suits you

Heard the writer name for the first time? Then I’m pretty sure either you are not an Indian or not a thriller-lover. Note that he is one of the bestsellers in this thriller genre. I bet you’ll be glued to the pages if you start reading a few lines.

Oh! Don’t fall for the book after only seeing the cover; there is more in it. I have read Novoneel’s stranger series as his first one. I couldn’t resist reading the series till midnight using a little pen-torch!!! Yeah, I know that’s odd; why need I pen-torch instead of proper light ― well, that’s a story for another review😉😉😉. Without wasting a single second, let’s jump into the review part of ‘Black Suits You‘.

You will start your book with one of my favourite mysterious teasers, ‘YOU THINK YOU KNOW YOUR PARTNER? THINK AGAIN’. Got the interest already? Kiyan Roy, the author of a bestselling erotica trilogy, Handcuffs, is the character to revolve around the story. The other two central characters – Kashti and X. Who is X? No!!! I’m not gonna tell that; it’s a thriller story, after all😋😋😋.

Being a bestselling erotica thriller writer, Kiran is a head-to-tail crush for almost every young girl. It can easily be thought, one will be good in bed if he is that too good in writing fantasy about that😉😉😉. But a girl took that crush thing too seriously. Yeah, you guessed right – Kasthi. She desperately seduces Kiyan, follows everywhere. No need to tell, sooner Kiyan is head over heels in love with Kasthi. Kasthi makes all the erotic fantasies real for him.

Is it love? or it is only an obsession with that charm and fantasies? No matter what it is, Kiyan gets suck deeper and deeper into the search for that mysterious charm, Kasthi. He is forced to surrender all: his life and career. As he tries to get rid of it, he goes more deeply into it. Is it already too late? Will he be able to get rid of it? Or he will end up surrendering all? Where will Kiyan end up following Kasthi? You’ll never know until you reach the last page; fulfils the first priority to be one of the best thriller books…isn’t it?

I can see your eagerness to know what happens at last. Who is that X? Whether Kiyan will be out of the dark or not? But as the author always says, NEVER EVER OPEN THE LAST PAGE OF THE BOOK, it is undoubtedly true. So for your sake, DON’T!!!

Start from the very first line, and most probably, you’ll have one more preferred author on your list.



Book: Black Suits You
Author: Novoneel Chakraborty
Publisher: Penguin Random House India
Pages: 304

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