Book Review: ‘One Indian Girl’ by Chetan Bhagat

One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat

“Some problems in the world seem to exist solely for women. Like not having anything to wear.”

― Chetan Bhagat, One Indian Girl

Yeah, yeah…I know…Most of the voracious readers looking for books that impact society do not like Chetan Bhagat. It’s like an entertainment screenplay. For me, the case is also the same. But I always end up reading his book for his easy writing to entertain myself.

I don’t criticise a book by its cover or based on others opinion. So, I picked up this book ‘One Indian Girl’ and started reading it. At first, I thought I’ll not make it up to page number 272. But I was damn WRONG!!! I finished it in a day😲😲😲!!! No more time waste – let’s get into the review quickly.

The storey revolves around Radhika Mehta, a successful investment banker attempting to balance work and love in a man’s world. At the very first, Radhika warns you that you may not like Radhika for 3 terrible things –

  • She makes a lot of money….yessss a lot.
  • She gives opinion on each and every thing.
  • She have had two boyfriends.

I know what you are thinking, what is bad in it. Yes, nothing. But you haven’t considered the main point, SHE IS A WOMAN. You can do all of those if you are a man; if not, all those are man-repellent points. Hence all the guys she met end up succumbing to their own male chauvinistic thinking that says a female can’t have it all and that she’ll have to make some difficult decisions to be with them.

Radhika is trying to explore all the things throughout the story and take care of her soaring career, messed-up love life, marriage-obsessed mother, and her own beliefs. Like all the typical Indian girl, she is ambitious, independent and wants to settle down with a man. She wants both: Settled Life and Independency.

But again, it’s a men’s world. Men can have both at a time: Money and Sex. No one asks to choose one. Being a woman, she was asked to have only one: Settled Life or Independency. In her own words, “We want to fly and we also want a beautiful nest. We want both.

Being a man, I can see the intense pain not to have both choices. If you are a man, think about having only one: Money or Sex. I'm sure you'll end up feeling like Radhika. If you are a woman, then definitely you'll find yourself inside Radhika. You'll laugh with her, cry with her, get angry with her and also feel helpless with her. Needless to say, in my view, this is the best book by Chetan Bhagat. So don't hesitate to pick the book for its author name.

Girls, read the book, be strong and don’t accept anything less than the best. You have the power to fight against anything.

Guys, read the book, know that woman can get what is best for them and grow enough to embrace the truth.

Book: One Indian Girl
Author: Chetan Bhagat
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Pages: 272

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