5 Highly Readable Books to To Choose From to Kickstart Your Reading Habit

5 Highly Readable Books to To Choose From to Kickstart Your Reading Habit

Reading is an activity that helps you move away from reality and immerse yourself in other universes. It helps to create your very own world and also helps to increase your concentration power. The books we read help us better understand the world and shape our ideas. And well, some of them tattoo by providing us with too many influential citations. The book takes you to another world you’ve never visited before, whether it’s Harry Potter’s fantasy world or a tragic world like a star defect.
But we haven’t developed reading habits since all childhood, and we haven’t started anywhere as adults. It can be confusing because of the number of books available, but you also need to learn where to start so that you can easily start a love affair with a book and grow it over time. There is my very own list, you can start as a beginner:

1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Alchemist is a simple read with a hidden meaning. The reason it’s on this list is that even simple narration is a novel that you can really understand at a certain age.
This plot follows the story of the shepherd boy Santiago, who believes that his repetitive dreams are a kind of prophecy. He visits the fortune teller and asks her. She tells him that he saw the treasure that Santiago had to say in the Egyptian pyramids. On his travels he meets an old king who tells the story of his personal legend. “Your personal legend is what you always thought you wanted to achieve. Everyone knows what your personal legend was when you were young” “When you want something, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it.” “Read it to see if this is really true.

2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

A common criticism of this book is that while it’s provocative, until you get to the end of the book, you don’t know what the first step is. It’s actually no problem for me. I think it all starts with inspiration. What distinguishes successful people from non-successful people is that successful people are inspired and act on it. They don’t allow fear and endless analysis paralyzes them (Kiyosaki calls this ‘analysis paralysis’).
This book gave me an endless desire for financial books. Shortly after reading it, I realized that I was reading and absorbing all I could do after reading a book on personal finance one after another. As a result, I learned a lot more than any other method. If nothing else, it’s just worth the price of the book.

3. The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

The story begins with the virtual town of Agate Mars on the border between India and Pakistan. However, this book describes the types of destruction that division has caused. In the line of the book, “Muslims said the Hindus had planned and started the killing. According to the Hindus, the Muslims were accused. In fact, both ends died. Shoot, stab and use the spear and ed club rod or. All were tortured. All raped. “
I mention it because the language is fairly straight forward and, given the Indian context, it is a read that will impress you.

4. Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh

The story begins in Manai Majora, a fictional town on the border of India and Pakistan. But the book deals with the kind of destruction that partitions bring. This verse says, “Islam said that the Hindus planned and started the killing. According to the Hindus, Islam was to blame. In fact, everyone was killed.” Shoot, stab and use the spear and ed club rod or all tortured. Both men were raped “
The reason I bring it up is that the language is fairly straight forward and, given its Indian context, is something to read that will impress you.

5. Malgudi Days by R K Narayan

This book is suitable for children in India who want to taste nostalgia. The narration is easy to read, but still contains a very typical Indian childhood. This is a summary of 32 short stories in the fictional town of Marugudi in South India.
But the story is so real that it feels like nothing fictional. It covers the social issues that have plagued the older generation, and the issues that the younger generation feels most familiar with. Simple edits that you keep coming back to, though, until after you’ve read the book, you’ll want to read more.

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