Book Review : The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Nora Seed feels useless. Her cat died and her brother was fired because she didn’t seem to be interested. No one needs her. One night she tries to commit suicide.
But instead of death, Nora found a library showing each book’s version of her life that made other choices. The possibilities are endless. Nora, who became a rock star and won Olympic medals Nora There is a Nora living on a survey ship in the Arctic. Some versions are mother, wife, orphan. famous and influential. To step into that life, all she has to do is open a book. If she finds a good life, she can stay. The difficult thing is to judge “whether you can really judge your life in a few minutes from 00:00 on a Tuesday”. The basis of the
idea is the multi-world theory, where a new cosmic flower blooms in every choice and decision. It’s a beautiful concept, but Matt Hague doesn’t explain it in detail. His interest is to see all these versions of Nora, and the psychological effects of giving her the will to live.
This is a rationalization novel. There are no side plots, no wide range of characters, no illusionary distortions for pure joy. The concept is to fly high and fly straight. The Midnight Library is a fascinating way of genre for readers who can guess with speculative fiction. The entire
novel has a well-exercised air designed to combat depression and anxiety. What is the best and what is the worst that can happen in your life? What can be changed, and what cannot be changed? These are big questions that are difficult to answer with elegance and depth, and sometimes in Nora’s moments of uplifting and suicidal thoughts, the narration becomes cliche and obvious – “Prison was a point, not a place.”; “The paradox of volcanoes was that volcanoes were both a symbol of destruction and a symbol of life.” Contrary to its fanciful premise, you can see that this novel is a general celebration: a common revelation of the common people, and an infinite world planted in common choice.

Book: The Midnight Library
Author: Matt Haig
Publisher: Viking
Year: 2020

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