Book Review: I’ll Wait by Nitya Dalmia

I’ll Wait by Nitya Dalmia

In this book, author Nitya Dalmia has incarnated the principal character Naina in such a way that you can find some similarities with your surrounding situations throughout the story.
Coming from a well-established family, Naina has been ambitious since her childhood and always wants to become a successful actress. She doesn’t hesitate to achieve her dream. The author thus portrays the dedication towards work which plays a crucial role to be successful in life.
Like Bollywood movies, love was knocked at the door of Naina in the form of Rohan, when she was in high school. Rohan is generously a true passionate lover and told Naina that he will wait for her. Naina went to America for higher education, but unfortunately married Vinay, a wealthy businessman at the time.
After reading the part above, you may think that Naina is an actress and very happy in life because her husband is also rich. Unfortunately, she doesn’t. After a failed marriage and turning 10, she knows how to act like a happy couple in front of others, even if she feels lonely and lonely. In the wedding of her best friend who reunited with his ex-boyfriend of age and the meet became a reality. What happens after that? For this, you have to read the book to find out the answer.
Sarah and her three-year-old daughter Sana are also very happy. One mistake in Sarah’s life also makes her and her daughter’s life miserable. Eventually, her parents will not get her back, even if she learns of the fact of her pregnancy. Later, she gets her beloved husband, Avinash, whom Sana called her dad.
The language is very easy to go. In tie of reviewing of the book, it never bothered me. In the very beginning, the book seems a little bit slow and repetitive. But with the progress bar, you can identify all the threads that are crossing each other and lead the story to its outcome. In conclusion, the writer portrays the general problems of our society regarding marriage and divorce in very simple language throughout the story. The facts of the story, which seemed quite repetitive at first, reveal the fact that we must live our lives to make ourselves happy, rather than thinking of social taboos. Is it to do?

Book: I’ll Wait
Author: Nitya Dalmia
Publisher: Notion Press

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