Book Review: The broken Stone by Sachin.V.Yadgir

The broken Stone

“Dad, I name the tale, a lie to die”, Here is a lie. Everyone says something, but nobody reveals it and Death: nobody is resting, and also the lies witnessed by everyone don’t last long. But this trip is filled with drama. Lies exist almost forever and their creators are unknown! At first , the book asks you some questions and leads you to find out the answer throughout the journey. And at the end, it reveals a marvellous meaning of not just of life but also help to lead a life.
With an innovative cocktail of fantasy, mystery and drama, the story is bound to take you across an island where you have magical and supernatural experience to create the readers to be hooked with the book.The narration of a part of the book is incredibly good. Overall, it had been an honest, interesting read.Worthful. provide it a try. At the start the book is found to be slow and cause you to feel bored but after sometime it becomes interesting and you’ll imagine the whole story.
And I am anticipating the following part.

Book : he Broken Stone: Part I – Insight on Hindsights (A Lie to Die Series)

Publisher: Notion Press
Author: Sachin.V.Yadgir
Rating : 4.5/5🌟

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